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GAIN 2020

The evolving host: how the environment, patient and new treatments are shaping the IFI landscape

A series of online interactive sessions
Session 1: Friday, 2 October; 15:00–17:25
Session 2: Saturday, 3 October; 10:00–12:25
Session 3: Friday, 9 October; 15:00–17:05

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GAIN 2020 was brought to you as an online multi-session event, where delegates had the option to join one, two or all three of the sessions. The programme was designed to advance the management of invasive fungal disease by sharing knowledge and best practice on how to deal with the changing landscape of fungal infection in response to external factors that are shaping patient risk and susceptibility.

Through a series of three virtual sessions (each session length was between 2h05–2h25) we explored how environmental factors, treatment practices, and lifestyle choices are shaping fungal disease. Knowledge was shared through plenary presentations and case reports, with interactive Q&A sessions across the day. CPD points were awarded in accordance with the number of sessions attended. 

Session 1 addressed how COVID-19 has, and will have, a major impact across many medical disciplines including the treatment of invasive fungal disease. Pertinent to COVID-19 we discussed respiratory fungal infection and how viruses are shaping the risk of invasive fungal infections (IFIs).

Session 2 Considered novel approaches to antifungal resistance and how treatment approaches are shaping the invasive fungal infection (IFI) landscape. 

Session 3 explored through a series of case studies how more unusual situations related to the natural environment and personal circumstances can lead to IFIs.

GAIN 2020 was open to healthcare professionals that are associated with an institution based in the UK and Ireland only.

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Job number: UK-ANF-2020-10-0096 | Date of preparation: February 2021