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GAIN 2019

Breaking news: outbreaks and challenges in invasive fungal disease

All content and information relating to this meeting was correct at the time of the event.


Day 1: Friday, 20 September;
(Registration ;
Quiz and dinner )
Day 2: Saturday, 21 September;


The King’s Fund
No. 11 Cavendish Square
London, W1G 0AN

The GAIN 2019 programme was designed as a platform for sharing knowledge and best practice in the control of fungal outbreaks and challenging patient management through interactive case reports, lectures and workshops.

Day 1 focuses on fungal epidemiology, recent fungal outbreaks and infection control; discussing individual experiences through interactive case reports and workshops. The day ends with a formal dinner with the GAIN Steering Committee and an IFI quiz.

Day 2 explores challenges in invasive fungal infection management including evolving and emerging risk factors, new patient populations at risk, and the importance of antifungal stewardship.

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Job number: UK-ANF-2020-10-0097 | Date of preparation: December 2020