GAIN is organised and funded by Gilead Sciences Ltd.

Upcoming Meetings

GAIN 2021

10, 11 and 17 September 2021
Virtual meeting

Exploring the complexities and challenges of invasive fungal disease (IFD) and the importance of adapting your care

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Past meetings

GAIN 2020

2, 3 and 9 October 2020
Virtual meeting

Exploring the impacts of external factors that shape patient risk and susceptibility to fungal disease

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GAIN 2019

20–21 September 2019
King’s Fund, London

Sharing experience and best practice in the management of invasive fungal disease

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GAIN 2018

22–23 June 2018
King’s Fund, London

Fungal challenges in the critically ill – a patient’s journey

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GAIN 2017

8–9 September 2017
King’s Fund, London

Fungal infections: new challenges in vulnerable populations

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Job number: UK-ANF-2020-10-0095 | Date of preparation: June 2021